How does BDST work?

In a biodigester septic tank, human waste up to 99.9 % gets digested by Anaerobic Microbial Inoculum filled in the bio tank disintegrates (eats) the bio mass and converts into reusable water, carbon dioxide and methane gas.

How many years it will work?

It works for the lifetime.

Can outlet water be reused?

Yes. You can use it for gardening and agricultural purpose.

Inoculum should be refilled after how long?

Refilling not required as long as you use the toilet continuously.

Whether it is a ready-made or onsite construction tank?

Both are available.

I want a site visit before I confirm my order.

Site visit can be done only after order confirmation. Or else, it can be done for additional charge.

Our client's

It was school opening day and my daughter had been called to join Moi Tea Girls Secondary School. This was a privilege that was difficult to get, and guarded with all costs. However, my septic tank required emptying since it was long overdue and the whole neighbourhood was complaining about the foul smell. If not addressed immediately the county health officials would soon be on my neck. I was saved by a soft loan from my friend who also introduced me to Biodigester System Experts. I do not regret the decision I took; it was the best...

"A Lifetime Solution to Sanitation"