Benefits of
Biodigester Systems

No Bad Smell

Biodigester improves air quality through anaerobic digestion that deactivates pathogens and parasites. This is quite effective in reducing the incidence of waterborne diseases. This, in turn, leads to improvements in the environment, sanitation and hygiene.

Safe and Health Residential Homes

Biodigester leads to a healthy, hygienic and serene residential environments. Flies carrying pathogens are eliminated through absence of foul smell and absence of faecal matter. No risk at all compared to conventional septic tanks.

Safe and Health Commercial Centres

Ideal for customer retention. No funny sightings, smell nor safety issues, just secure.
Biodigesters are very effective in managing sanitation of commercial centres

Safe and Health Schools and Institutions

Good hygiene and sanitation in schools is undebatable. Biodigester leads to improved hygiene and sanitation in schools and other institutions. Biodigester Systems Limited not only manages sanitation but also offers serene environment through irrigated fields.

Safe and Health Flats and Apartments

Our Biodigester leads to improved residential apartments, safe, desired sanitation and hygiene. Further, it leads to serene environment through irrigated flower and grass lawns.

Safe and secure Health Facilities

Biodigester leads to improved environments, sanitation and hygiene in health institutions. Managing human waste in hospitals is very critical to keep vectors away and zero contamination. Our Biodigesters offers the best solution.

Safe and Health Hotel Industry

Biodigester leads to improved hotel industry environments, sanitation and hygiene. Managing human waste in hotels and re-using the water for irrigation is indeed cost effective. Our Biodigesters offers the best solution. Kitchen waste requires critical management to prevent blockage.

Here are the
Advantages of Biodigester

# Advateges
1 Socio-economic benefits include: affordability, acceptability, durability
2 Human waste is completely broken-down(100%) by microorganisms innoculum in the biodigester system into mineral- rich water and gases.
3 The system does not get filled by the waste, thus eliminating the need for exhaust services.
4 No septic tank required.
5 Approved by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).
6 The full system is built underground thus occupies zero space on the surface.
7 Low cost of installation compared to normal septic tank.
8 No bad smell (odorless) and free from solid waste.
9 Health and safety benefits: eco-Friendly and 100% hazard free, no risk to children, no foul smell that attracts contaminating flies, scene nuisance is absent.
10 Single time feeding of microorganism inoculums throughout operational life.
11 No clogging of digester when used collectly.
12 Mineral-rich water from the biodigester system can be used for irrigation.
13 Socio-economic benefits include: affordability, acceptability, durability

"A Lifetime Solution to Sanitation"