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We are the leader in designing and installation of high quality and efficient Biodigester systems in Kenya and East Africa. Our team is made up sanitation and construction experts who are ready to provide you with a lifetime solution to you sanitation challenge.

Biodigesters technology has become a real game changer in Kenyan and many other countries around the world where people no longer depend on exhaust services and the ageing sewer systems. With a Biodigester System, you do not need to spend a fortune on building a septic tank or emptying it.

Our Biodigester systems are based on international standards, and last for the lifetime. We install different systems to cater different users from small homes to huge community apartments, institutions, malls, hotels, hospitals, industries, and many other more building types.


To provide science-based sanitation solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.


The lead provider of lifetime solution to sanitation.

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"A Lifetime Solution to Sanitation"